Obillex enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to boost their cash flow in a fast, easy and inexpensive way. We're ideal if your business wants a stronger, more predictable cash-flow. You no longer need to borrow from the banks or pay high fees to invoice-factoring companies. Obillex makes cash available to you without requesting for any of your assets (business or personal) to use as collateral. Instead, you can now receive early payments, based on future payments you're expecting from customers. We only deduct a very modest amount from every payment we fast-track to your account.



Get cash quickly and affordably

If your customer has already approved your invoice or sent their purchase order, we'll advance the cash to you. There's no need to wait 30, 60 or 90 days and keep chasing payments.

Benefit from your customer's/buyer's credit rating

If your customer is a large organisation, our investors know they can pay, so they don't need to cover themselves for extra risk. That enables us to release funds quickly and charge very little.

Avoid the financing pains

When you need funds quickly, there's no need to go to the bank, undergo their credit checks, and pay high interest rates and fees. You can access your money more quickly.

Say 'no' to expensive invoice factoring

Invoice factoring companies can cost more than three times as much as Obillex. They can also damage your reputation if debt-collectors keep hassling your customers.

Pass on the benefits to your suppliers

If you wish, you can offer the Obillex solution to your own suppliers - if they want faster payments. It will keep funds moving easily through the supply chain, benefiting everyone.

Get started easily

It's easy for SMEs to join the Obillex community. You don't need to buy any equipment or services. And you can carry on invoicing as normal. The Obillex platform operates 24/7 online and delivers an outstanding end-to-end experience.

Rely on a secure financing platform

The Obillex solution is based on a secure, financial infrastructure 2.0 platform, trusted by large buying organisations. Obillex is a corporate member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers. Our team has held board and senior management positions within McKinsey, Axa, PwC, Royal Bank of Scotland, ABN AMRO and Citigroup.

Answers to frequently-asked questions (FAQs)

Every kind of SME - because everyone can make use of extra cash. Some SMEs will want larger reserves to see them through tougher trading conditions, while others will be looking for extra finance to support growth. How you use the money is your business.  

We only deduct a very modest amount from every Obillex payment made to you. The amount can vary. But typically it's significantly less than a bank would charge for a loan and less than one third of what an invoice factoring company would charge. Put simply, Obillex is likely to be the most inexpensive source of cash available to you.  

Chiefly, there are two reasons. Firstly, we don't need to cover ourselves for extra risk because we're confident in the credit worthiness of your large customers. You know they'll pay on time, and so do we. Secondly, our service is online and highly-automated, which minimises administration costs for everyone. 

Yes. It's likely they'll be glad you do. You'll notice more large buying organisations choosing Obillex - and giving their suppliers the option to use us. That's because we deliver advantages for them too. Obillex works easily with their finance systems, streamlines processes and allows them to recover costs. Put simply, we're making it easier for companies of all sizes to work together. There has to be something in it for everyone. 

No. But many large companies will simply offer Obillex to their suppliers as an option - if they'd rather not wait until payment day, whether that's 30, 60 or more days.   

Yes. But the fee charged is usually slightly greater, to reflect the additional processing overhead and risk that the goods or services have not yet been delivered. 

Once we send you the money, you can simply mark that invoice as 'paid'. It's that simple. We'll take care of all the admin to ensure your customer's payment went through OK to our systems. 

The Obillex Solution has been extensively vetted by the public sector and other stakeholders in the Finance, Accounting, Banking and Legal sectors.

Contact us and we'll explain in more detail. But, put simply, if you are eligible to receive £1,000, you don't have to cash this. If you wish, you can use some or all of it to pay your suppliers. If they want to use the Obillex solution (and get paid faster) then they pay the modest fee for doing so, instead of you.