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Give your suppliers access to our receivables marketplace and earn every time they sell their receivables to our investors!

Launch your own supplier early payment programme


How it works...



We give you your own branded supplier portal, which your supplier network can use to upload their receivables

We confirm your suppliers uploaded receivables with their buyers and convert them into short-dated trade securities (electronic bills of exchange) that can be sold to capital market investors

We sell the supplier's Ebills to capital market investors generating instant cash flow for suppliers. Suppliers in-turn pay a small fee which is shared between you, the investor and Obillex




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Powered by the Bill of Exchange

Obillex holds the patent to settling commercial indebtedness via the Ebill.  The electronic version of one the most popular instruments in trade, the bill of exchange!

What is a bill of exchange?

An unconditional order requiring the party to whom it is addressed to pay a specified amount to the holder of the bill on a specified date.

An Ebill generated from an invoice

Sharia compliant Ebill generated from an invoice

Sharia compliant Ebill generated from a purchase order

A re-issued and re-distributed O-Bill, I-Bill or P-Bill





What makes the Ebill special?

Its is based on the Bill of Exchange (UK Bill of Exchange Act 1882)

Unlike an invoice, it acts as a transferable security that suppliers can use to pay their own suppliers

As a part of the risk of the Ebill lies with the acceptor of the bill (the buyer), an SME supplier supplying a buyer with a better credit rating, can assume a higher credit rating themselves when selling their receivables. This makes it cheaper for SMEs to generate finance through Ebills as opposed to loans, overdrafts, and invoice factoring facilities.

Types of Ebills

Obillex currently has 4 types of Ebills (electronic bills of exchange) that it provides in its solutions

Find out what makes the FLOW-bill special for both buyers and suppliers!

Why Obillex?

We've been perfecting our process and technology for more than 7 years

We provide the technology, training and ongoing support to ensure the partnership is succesful

We provide access to multiple large capital market investors

We own the patent to the Ebill

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