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If you are not fond of eating fruits and vegetables, you may have nutrient deficiencies. To make fruits and vegetables more palatable and still ensure you get all the nutrients from them, you should invest in a juicer. 

Juicing is quick and hassle-free, and a juicer is a great investment. When you drink natural, homemade juices, your body will be able to absorb the nutrients without having to work hard to break down whole foods. Some experts reckon that juices can help lose weight and boost your energy levels. 

So, if you are looking for a juicer, you may get overwhelmed by the variety and cost. The price of a juicer can range from expensive to affordable, depending on the brand, juicing capacity, and other features. If you think the juicer that you have chosen is too expensive to buy, you should use a buy now, pay later service. One of the most reliable and trusted services is Affirm

Affirm allows you to break the cost of the juicer into four installments that you need to pay every two weeks. Affirm does not charge interest on these payments, and there are no hidden costs. For higher-value purchases, Affirm offers monthly installment options, where you have to make a monthly payment for a specific period. 

Affirm is app-based and is accepted by numerous online and offline stores. So, you can easily find a store that has an inventory of a juicer that you want. Affirm ensures quick approvals and getting one has no impact on your credit score.

List of stores that will accept Affirm when shopping for juicers online

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American Express, Credit card, Discover Network, Mastercard, Visa, Klarna, Affirm, Zip, PayPal
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Klarna, ViaBill, PayPal, Acima
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Other items that you can shop with Affirm:

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