List of Online Stores That Accept Acima Credit for BNPL

Many point-of-sale options don’t offer such a thing as BNPL alternative. Thankfully, the market entry of Acima Credit completely changed the status quo by introducing a lease-to-own option with a flexible pay-off plan. And provided you pay off your lease early, Acima Credit can be an immensely helpful solution whenever you need financial assistance.

 What Online Stores Accept Acima Credit?

1Electronics R UsElectronics, Laptops, Computers, TVs
2Frost NYCJewelry, Watches
3Omi JewelryJewelry, Watches
4Better Home StoreFurniture, Vacuums, Kitchen tools, Coffee & Tea, Airpurifiers
5Affordable Home FurnitureFurniture, Matresses
6CB FurnitureFurniture
7Eye CraftersGlasses, Sunglasses
8Clear Vision OpticalGlasses, Sunglasses
9Matress SavvyMattresses, Beds
10Kids Furniture WarehouseFurniture
11Gilles BrothersLawn mowers
12Perfection WheelsTires
13Tire townTires
14Best BuyElectronics,  Appliances, Computers, Cell phones, Furniture, Smart home
16TW ConnectionTires

What is Acima Credit?

Acima Credit is a digital payment service established to offer you lease-to-own financing at point-of-sale online and in-store. Operating based on a soft credit check, and essentially requiring no minimum credit score, Acima Credit guarantees instant approval. And you can use it for just about anything, including furniture, home appliances, and electronics.

Currently, Acima Credit offers its members a loan limit of $500 to $5,000, but the exact amount you’ll qualify for depends on your checking account’s history and level of income. This point-of-sale financing service doesn’t stress so much on your credit history, so you can get instant approval even if you have a bad credit record.

Acima Credit is clear on who qualifies for their financial support. Essentially, you need to:

  • Have earned at least $1,000 in the last three months
  • Make deposits into a checking account
  • Ensure your checking account is in good standing, which means no negative balances, rejected checks, or bank overdrafts

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How Does Acima Credit Work?

Acima Credit works exactly the same way as Progressive Leasing. Essentially, they make it easy for you to lease merchandise with the possibility of owning it at a later date.

The solution offers you flexible payment options, so you can choose which one to work with depending on your finances and your personal plans. You can: 

  • Repay after 90 days within 12 months: Here, you’re eligible to pay less than the remaining money owed.
  • Repay in 90 days: Here, you pay Acima Credit in cash. You will cover a markup over the original price inclusive of a $25 purchase fee.


Acima Credit is a convenient option to consider if you’re looking for lease-to-own financing. However, there are a few drawbacks you need to consider before you take the plunge.

You should be ready to pay a markup price and the cost of leasing. The additional cost essentially doubles the price of the item you want to buy. So if this doesn’t look like a good fit, you might want to consider an alternative such as Progressive Leasing

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