List of Stores That Accept Amazon Pay Payments

Amazon has grown to greater heights since 5 July 1994. In fact, what started as an online bookstore grew rapidly to become one of the biggest technology companies in the world and an e-commerce giant that existing competition can hardly beat.

With a mission to use the internet and technology to enhance customer experience, Amazon has made it possible for consumers to find and buy anything you can name. At the same, Amazon has, for years, empowered business owners and content creators to become successful at what they do.

At the very heart of Amazon’s digital operations is Amazon Pay, a solution that gives customers an option to pay for products on Amazon and other merchant websites. Formerly Amazon Payment, Amazon Pay has grown to become one of America’s fastest-growing payment solutions, with over 33 million active customers.

Popular Online Stores That Lets Your Purchase with Amazon Pay

1Fishing Tackle and BaitFishing gear
2Veronica BeardClothing, Accessories
3The HouseSki & Snowboarding, Skateboard, Camping, Bikes, Mens & Womens clothing
4Buddy LoveClothing
5Robert WayneShoes
6Ace MarksShoes
7Frost NYCJewelry
8DailysaleElectronics, Laptops, Computers, TVs
9Apt2BFurniture, Office Supplies
11Authentic WatchesJewelry, Watches
12FragranceNetMakeup, Jewelry
13Blue&CreamShoes, Jewelry, Clothing
14I Saw It FirstClothing, Jewelry, Shoes, Glasses

Categories of stores where you can pay with Amazon Pay:

What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is a digital payment technology that allows you to make online payments on Amazon and at different online stores. With Amazon Pay, you use the payment method associated with your Amazon account, so you don’t have to add your credit card or another payment method on third-party retail websites.

Boasting as the truly smart way to make payments online, Amazon Pay is currently available at tens of thousands of websites.

For what it’s worth, a reliable and well-built digital payment system should be easy to use, secure when processing transactions, and easily integrate major e-commerce platforms. These attributes best describe Amazon Pay, so you can shop and make online payments with confidence, even on e-commerce websites that you trust the least.

Amazon Pay isn’t even expensive. Their charges are as low as 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction, which holds regardless of the amount that you have to pay for a product or service. If you have a card issued in another country, though, you’ll pay an additional 1% for cross-border transactions.

You can even make payments using Alexa with the sound of your own voice. But keep in mind that the charges are a little too high. You’re looking at 4% plus 30 cents for each transaction, with a 1% for the cross-border transactions if you use Alexa voice payments.

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How Does Amazon Pay Work?

Whether you’re a regular online shopper or a seasonal buyer, you already know how almost any digital payment solution works from a customer’s standpoint.

You add the products you want to buy to your cart, choose your preferred payment method at checkout, complete the transaction, and then get the goods delivered to your doorstep.

It isn’t any different with Amazon Pay.

Essentially, all you have to do is to choose Amazon Pay as your means of payment at checkout. Then, Amazon Pay will pull out your payment information from your Amazon account and complete the transaction.

That’s it!

Even more interesting, Amazon Pay is the only payment solution (as of this writing) that allows you to pay for your online purchases with the sound of your own voice thanks to Alexa. So if you have an Alexa device, you might want to consider this as an option, although the charges tend to be somewhat higher.

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Secure, easy to use, and available at tens of thousands of online stores, Amazon Pay lets you make payments for products and services online without worrying about financial security. Even their flat-rate pricing model is better than that of PayPal.